Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casey Anthony.

So being the one that has followed the Casey/Caylee Anthony trial for a long, LONG time; I would like to share my insight, my thoughts, and vent my frustration with the jury.

First off, I don't see how partying all the time could possibly be more important than the sweet angel you give birth too. Secondly, if you care anything about your child, why would you wait 31 days to report her "missing." Why would someone look up how to make cloroform(84 times), neck breaking, and death on their home computer if they were not interested in it in some form? Thirdly, during court why did Casey never testify? Maybe she knew she couldn't tell the truth on stand. And what the HELL was she writing all during the trial?

Apparently(from my gatherings of news reports) 6 jurors wanted to put her away but caved in to the other six that wanted to believe she was "not guilty." Two things here, 1) If you are a juror, it is your public duty to do what is right. 2) If you truly believed she was guilty, you should have never caved in just so you could go home or what not.

I really believe Casey could not handle having a child anymore, somehow Caylee was getting in the way of what Casey really wanted so she got rid of her. I feel like the prosecution did a poor job on providing the evidence, they failed to submit a jailhouse call in which Casey was talking with a friend, Mallory. Mallory said, "Casey if something happened to Caylee I will just die" and Casey simply said "Oh well" Where was the regard for her child then? I would have been like yes ma'am you're not the only one that IS MY BABY!

To the Jury; once again. How could you not prove she was guilty? There was an Air Test done that proved the smell in her trunk was that of a decomposing human body, Caylee's DNA was found in the trunk, Caylee was found TWO MILES from the Anthony home, and her father denied helping cover up the "accidental drowning" Also, why did Casey borrow a shovel? To me lieing to the FBI and not reporting my child missing for thirty-one days is enough evidence to convict her right there.

And to the judge, she gets out Sunday because she has "served her time" and had "good behavior." Yes sir because everyone that kills their three year old exhibits "good behavior" in jail, they know what people do to them in there. I feel she should have at least got another full sentence, the four years that is associated with the charges of lieing.

All in all this woman gets four misdemeanors for killing her daughter. I wonder if the club scene in Orange County will be the same when she gets out? Or will everyone have turned their back on her. I pray for the latter.

Everyone should go to youtube and listen to "Mascara Rain" by Brabo Gators. It is a tribute to Caylee and a WONDERFUL song. Thanks for reading this!

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