Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strength is usually the only thing that hides fear.

I just wanted to give a full update about Bentlee's four month checkup that was today. Of course I already posted some of it and a picture on facebook, but here are some of the details I didn't share, mostly from lack of time.

He is 13 pounds and 14.5 ounces and is also almost 25 inches long! My baby has came along way from the 6 pound 6.5 ounce baby I gave birth to four months ago. That puts him between the 15 and 25 percentile in weight and between the 25 and 50 percentile in length. All that is wonderful, it makes him an average baby for his age.

He also got his four month shots, which seemed alot worse than the two month shots. At his two month shots he barely cried at all. Nope, not this time! He screamed and cried, I guess now he felt it more. Good thing I told him "It was all daddy's fault, all his idea" because he layed on my shouldar and calmed down after them:)

Now, here comes the scary part. His head circumfrence is in the 98 percentile. Tanesha, the nurse practitioner we saw today, said if his head continued to grow at a rapid rate they would have to refer him to a neurologist. She said not to worry though, she doesn't think anything is wrong, it would just be precautionary if they did have to refer him. He is developing perfect for his age.

No one wants to think anything could be wrong with their child, I'm sure even the worst of mothers would be concerned with this. Of course, being the worrying new mother I am, I am actually quite terrified with the thought that there is a minute chance something could be wrong with my baby.

Knowing that I do have to be strong, even in the worst cases, for Bentlee, is the only thing that is going to keep me sane until his six month chek-up(where hopefully they say his head is fine, his body has grown to it). I want to believe that he is fine, because he is developed perfectly. But in the back of my mind is that thought that he may have to see a specialist. I guess all I can do now is pray for the best outcome.

                                                           So that was our day today!

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